Throwback Thursday: First Trip to Yufuin

The second town outside of Beppu that I visited after getting here was Beppu’s rival onsen town, Yufuin, which has the second most amount of hot spring sources in the whole of Japan, after Beppu. Yufuin is a more traditional-looking town in comparison, and is popular even with Japanese tourists.

Me and one of the ALTs from Beppu had been invited to go watch a play in the evening, but we decided to head over for midday so as to explore the town beforehand.Read More »

Throwback Thursday: Going to the Hairdresser’s

So today I thought I’d write about an experience that can be daunting for foreigners living in Japan – going to the hairdresser’s.

I’d been to the hairdresser’s in Japan before on my year abroad (to get highlights put in, which went really well) but since I didn’t write about that experience I thought I’d write about my more recent one.Read More »